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Join a subcommittee for "A Better Community"

Partridge Courts Condominiums 2020 Plan includes the creation of several subcommittee groups to support the PCC Board with decision making for a better community experience. 

Subcommittees will be responsible for coming up with ideas for a better way to manage & enhance assets.The board is looking for 2-5 members for each subcommittee, responsible to evaluate current conditions, research solutions and offer recommendations for improvements and enhanced practices.


Join a subcommittee:

SC 1: Financial subcommittee

          (manage assets & recover the books)

SC 2: Beautification & Grounds subcommittee  

         (gates, gardens and beyond)

SC 3: Communications & Engagement subcommittee

         (board meeting participation, social media and more)

SC 4: Compliance & Resiliency subcommittee

         (policy, practices and bylaws | inside & outside your            unit)


Subcommittee members are volunteers who evaluate current conditions, explore ways to enhance the community, and recommend standards-innovation-best practices. Subcommittees will not have decision making authority, they are designed to engage unit owners in the PCC recovery. 

Select your subcommittee and send an email of interest (with your name, address, email, phone#, relevant experience, and how you would like to contribute to A Better PCC)  to our PCC Board President & Vice President. 


The subcommittee coordinator will follow-up early January 2020 with further instructions.

Contact Board Secretary & Become Volunteer

PCCA Volunteer Orientation

Ask the board about Volunteer Orientation and learn where your skills and services to enhance Partridge Courts. We need help with strategic planning, financial management, and community engagement.

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