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Partridge Courts Condominiums

Message from Your Board

The Partridge Courts Condominiums Association (PCCA) board represents the entire PCCA community. We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves, and share a message to lay out of what we believe are our key priorities for the next 12 months. 

Each board members has been a resident of Partridge Courts Condominiums for a number of years, and we enjoy our community and are fully vested in maintaining the reputation of Partridge Courts Condominiums. We truly believe in team-work and look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together. Bryce, Sonya, Monica, Yolanda, and James are working closely with our management company, Condominium Ventures, Inc (CVI), and will continue to represent the needs of the Partridge Courts Condominiums community. 


Mission Statement:

Our vision is simple - to make Partridge Courts Condominiums the most desirable condominium community in Downtown Columbia. As we look forward to the next 12 months, we see that change is upon us and the key to moving along with change will be to focus on our priorities, while engaging the entire Partridge Courts Condominiums community along the journey.


Goals Statement:

Capturing the voice of the residents, we have set three priority goals: 

1. Ensure the safety and security of our residents

  • Ensure structural integrity of the building (e.g., repairs, and general maintenance)

  • Encourage smart practices with regards to safety and security, enforcing a zero tolerance policy when not followed 

2. Maintain a strong financial position

  • Bring our cash reserves back to a healthy position, setting up a strong balance sheet for the future

  • Ensure diligence on collections, fines, etc. 

3. Enhance the standard of living of our residents

  • Respond to residents' needs in a timely and pro-active manner

  • Promote a culture of cooperation and collaboration

  • Stay engaged with residents by actively communicating (i.e.,dedicated partridge courts condominiums' website)

Message to Property Owners and Residents:

Now, we have some tough decisions ahead of us, and I hope to engage the entire community along the way. It is fully our intent to continue such frequent communications through this website, keeping you abreast of progress and interesting community news. 

We are also asking for your help. We want to hear any ideas you may have to advance the three priorities listed above. Also, I am looking for residents to get involved in supporting sub-committees as volunteers. We are encouraging property owners and residents to attend Monthly Council of Units Meeting (every 3rd Mondays) and express your interested in volunteering. 

We are committed to representing the community and working towards accomplishing priority goals. We depend upon your cooperation, understanding, and commitment as we get through the big issues in front of us, and move onto more exciting initiatives. 

Looking forward to seeing you on our future meeting and social events! 



Your PCCA Board

Meet Your "PCCA" Board Members

Marie Gatti

 Community Administrator


Bryce Blair



Sonya McNear

Vice President


Monica Borge
Yolanda Epps


James Whalen

Member At Large