Our Community


                   Partridge Courts Condominiums' Unit Owners are encouraged to read and become familiar with the documents on this page.
Everyone is responsible for following the rules that help to keep our community
valuable, attractive, well maintained and safe.  
Partridge Courts

How to Engage Partridge Courts Condominiums Association

UNIT Occupancy Status Form (Unit Owners must complete each time there is a change in occupancy.)

Addendum To Lease, 1999 (Unit Owners must complete when leasing unit.)


"A Better Community"

   Dear PCC Community,

Thank you for taking special care of your property during these challenging times.


We encourage you to continue taking pride in our community, making your home a priority.


   Remember to -

  • Walk pets on leash & comply with  HoCo Excrement Law;

  • Use Dumpsters for household trash only, storing in proper receptacles; and

  • Always beautify your patios & landscapes. 


    Together we create "A Better Community"

Wilde Lake

How to Engage Wilde Lake Village

Howard County

How to Engage HoCo and Docs

HoCo Docs To Be Posted

State of Maryland

How to Engage State of MD (Legilslators)



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